D3.2 "Report on Prototype Testing"

D4.3 "End Report"


D3.1 "PATRIOT Prototype"
This report comprises the actual PATRIOT prototype on FGPA, where all developments of WP2 are integrated and a pre-selected use case is demonstrated on a mobile device connected to the FPGA. Furthermore, this report outlines the structure and functionality of the prototype.

D4.2 "Dissemination and Exploitation Report"
This report includes how the partners exploit and disseminate the results of the PATRIOT project. This is described both from the partners individual perspectives as well as from the consortiums perspective.

D2.2 "Building Blocks for Authentication"
This deliverable contains all building blocks required for the authentication solutions that will be provided for the project use case, including the blocks that are required for integra- tion with Intrinsic-IDs security framework. Furthermore, the report will summarize the developed protocol for the use cases. Finally ongoing research topics will be presented.

D2.1 "PUF Building Blocks"
This report describes the building blocks for the project demo, as well as the security analysis for the demo authentication protocol. Here we first describe a set of codes that were considered as candidates for the project demo. We discuss the codes' performance and motivate our choice for selecting polar codes as our demo code. Further- more, we analyze the secrecy leakage of the reverse fuzzy extractor protocols based on both fuzzy commitment and on syndrome-based schemes. We also discuss the use of multiple PUF observations as a means to increase secrecy rates in our protocols.

D4.1 "Mid-Term Report"
This mid-term report takes stock of the PATRIOT project's progress within the first project year. The report includes the work progress and achievements starting from month M00 until M11. Progress made in relation to the work packages on task level and the work package contributions on partner's level are covered. The report emphasizes the consortium's efforts to design and implement the PATRIOT prototype. It thus includes technical highlights and outlines the current status of the project.

D1.3 "Authentication Framework and Use Case Definition"
This report describes the security and authentication framework for low constrained environments. A set of relevant use cases is defined, which will have the focus of the PATRIOT project. Development platforms with respect to selected use cases are provided. This deliverable provides outputs to the deliverables D1.1 and D1.2.

D1.1 "Report on System Requirements for the PUF Implementation"
This report describes the system requirements for SRAM PUF-based authentication on constrained devices. First SRAM PUF characterization is provided. Relevant technologies in the area of secret sharing and error-correcting codes are summarized. The implications of the chosen technologies in combination with the identi ed use cases are described resulting in the set of requirements for the software, hardware to be used in this project.

D1.2 "System Architecture of PUF Implementation"
This report summarizes the components of the system architecture for the PUF implementation, their internal and external interfaces as well as their dependencies. A list of candidate platforms is provided and compared. The concept of the reverse fuzzy extractor is presented.